Website updates in the works

Yes, we are aware of our horribly outdated web pages and are drafting new material to update them. A side note, if you are interested in membership please fill out and submit an application by hovering over the perspective member tab on the left and clicking how to join. High School Rush will be taking place February 18th-19th and March 4th-5th.

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What's Happening at FarmHouse

Upcoming 2016 Fall Semester

The 2016 Fall semester is set to begin August 23rd! The men of FarmHouse will be finishing up their summer internships and jobs to head back to campus for another great semester. FarmHouse had the highest inter-fraternity GPA this past spring, with a grade point average of 3.23 and we're looking for a repeat this fall. Good job guys! See you all in a few weeks!

Purdue FarmHouse - Building Tomorrow's Men

The Purdue Chapter of FarmHouse Fraternity and Purdue University share a storied tradition dating back to our official founding in 1952. From our founding to the present, our proud history speaks for itself through high academic achievement and leadership within the University. With more than 1,250 initiates, the Purdue FarmHouse chapter has influenced the lives of numerous men, building lasting friendships in the process. Many of our best college memories can be traced back to our FarmHouse experience.

While many of our alumni have gone on to successful and distinguished careers in agriculture, business, engineering, politics, education and countless other endeavors, the common bond of our brotherhood remains, along with our shared principles and values. Most of us can trace the roots of our success to FarmHouse at Purdue University.

Through FarmHouse we not only learned the importance of friendship, knowledge, service, fellowship, and excellence, but we acquired valuable assets, which include leadership skills, organizational skills, social skills, teamwork, and character. These traits have been integral to our personal success and helped make us the men we are today.