Active Chapter Executive Board

The FarmHouse Active Chapter Executive Board is comprised of current FarmHouse members and manages the various activities and responsibilities associated with day-to-day FarmHouse life. Board members also serve as liaisons for the chapter with alumni and industry representatives. All board members get elected on an annual basis.


Zane Crosby ( - President

Austion Hubbell - Vice President of Finance

John Hanes - Director of Recruitment

Adam Rose - Director of Administration

Adam Gooding - Director of Risk Management

Chris Roberts - Director of Scholarship

Scott Schleter - Director of House Operations

Evan Speaker - Director of Alumni Relations

Chris Tonkel - Director of New Member Education


Eli Schuler - Social Brotherhood Chair

Jared Forgey - Total Member Education

Jackson Allen - Recruitment Chair

Brandon Butz - Athletic Chair

Nathan Rayl - Chaplain

Mitchell Scott - Finance Chair

Noah Poynter - Historian

Austin Pipes - Steward

Ethan Engelhardt - Internal Philanthropy Chair

Ryan Benter - External Philanthropy Chair

Adam Rose - Technology Chair

Jack Harweger - Fire Marshall

Kile McKee - Community Service Chair