The Plan for FarmHouse at Purdue University

The Plan
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Our Needs and Opportunities
While our FarmHouse experience is certainly more than the bricks and mortar of any house, the new chapter house will undoubtedly play a significant role in the development of our brothers and will be a proud symbol of our shared values and goals. FarmHouse has provided many undergraduates and alumni the opportunity to network with countless accomplished men both in agriculture and in life. A new chapter house will provide a meeting space and location for those interactions for years to come. As alumni, we may not live in the chapter house, but FarmHouse still provides us powerful networks and opportunities.  

Through our work, it has become clear that a major investment is required for the construction, maintenance, and management of a chapter house. Beyond construction of a house, we will continue our successful financial and managerial framework that will serve young college men well into the future. The following took precedence in the planning of our new chapter house.

Pursuing Excellence
Purdue University is as academically challenging as ever and the need for an enhanced, study space within our facility is necessary for our members to thrive. The impact of technology over the years, as devices not present during your college years are now necessities. Our plan ensures that FarmHouse Purdue members will excel academically and remain scholastic leaders on campus and within the Greek system.

FarmHouse’s importance to the University must not be understated. Membership in FarmHouse helps create a support system and deeper connection to Purdue University by providing a sense of belonging and community. This sense of belonging and support is vital to today’s undergraduate experience. 

Setting Ourselves Apart
While FarmHouse continues to attract some of the top men, we could be losing quality potential members to other fraternities that offer better facilities. Even the amenities offered in some newly renovated on-campus residence halls and apartments have become competition. We must do our best to provide our men with the best opportunity to succeed.

Keeping our Brothers Safe
The safety of our collegiate members is of utmost importance to the Purdue FarmHouse Association; we must offer a structurally sound and safe home for our collegians. Fire-rated windows, a sprinkler system, and more exits are a must to ensure safety. Much like our personal homes, our chapter house must be a safe haven that instills confidence in our members and their parents.

For FarmHouse to remain a premier fraternity at Purdue University, we must make the investment in a new facility to provide our undergraduates with the best learning and living environment on campus.

Our Plan
The Purdue FarmHouse alumni leadership team and the undergraduate leadership have developed a solid plan to address the long-term viability of the FarmHouse experience on the Purdue University campus. Through careful study, assessment, and strategic planning, it has been determined that a new chapter house is necessary. We must invest in our home to meet the needs of today’s students. The FarmHouse Association, leveraging multiple paid professional and volunteer teams, has developed a tactical approach to our future.

New Chapter House
- Located at the current 1028 State Street address
- 28,244-square-foot facility will sleep 56 men 
- Traditional outward appearance that is complementary to Purdue building designs 
- All-steel building with brick and limestone exterior  
- Wraparound porch with front entrance facing the corner of State and Russell streets  
- Parking for 32 vehicles and 42 bicycle spaces 
- Create a safe living environment to meet current safety codes and city ordinances
- Room design and layout focused on brotherhood and academics
- Blended living concept of study rooms, suites and cold/warm-air dorms
Basement and First Floor
- Television room and recreation area for brotherhood enjoyment
- Library and conference room for academic success
- Formal living room that welcomes members
- Dedicated chapter room
- Housemother suite
- Dining room seating for 2 people with overflow spaces available
- Kitchen with walk-in pantry
Second, Third, and Fourth Floors
- Second and third floors identical in design
- Four four-man, suite-style rooms and 14 traditional study rooms
- Two dorm areas sleeping 40 men 
- Laundry facilities on second and third floors
- Conference/group study room on fourth floor

Budgeted Project Cost: $6,000,000
- Demolition of two houses
- Survey and site work
- Building construction
- Professional fees for architect
- Construction management
- Fundraising

Financing Ability: $1,000,000
Fundraising Goal: $5,000,000